Add data to "grouped" view


I have a group that uses a function (eg. “determine the quarter based off the date”) to group the table (output is “Q1”, “Q2”, etc)

Unfortunately once grouped, and because the grouping relies on a function, you cannot from that view add a new row of data. To add data, you have to switch to an ungrouped view, add a line, and switch back…a very clunky workflow.

It would be nice if we can add data to a table even when viewing it via a formula. I understand why you can’t add directly to a group, because the calculation (“Quarter”) relies on data that you haven’t yet entered. So it can’t be added directly to a group, but you should be able to add a new item anyway (somewhere generically at the top?), and the tool can manage where it’s moved in the group view on the calculation, the same as it does when you edit an item.

Am i making sense? IS there a workaround other people use to deal with data that is grouped via a formula calculation? Switching views is too difficult for most workflows. You lose your place and it interrupts your thought process.


I agree that it would be helpful to add a record to a grouped view. In my case, there isn’t even a summary function to worry about, I have records grouped by “today”, “tomorrow”, “soon”, etc.


@Air_Table @Airtable_Admin any update here or workaround for this issue? It makes it very difficult to use this as a PM tool if you can’t add another project or task record when in a grouped view


This is so confusing. Hope can do it in the future


Also interested. Please take a look into this issue. @Airtable_Support @Airtable @Airtable_Team