Add EMPTY as a Selection in "Is Any Of" Filter

Currently when you select the “Is Any Of” filter you are not able to filter by the fields that are empty. For example, if I have a single select column called status with values: “To Do”, “Doing”, “Done”. Then I want to show only records with “To Do”, “Doing” and Empty. I cannot do it. I have to choose whether I want to show only empty or anything with value in it.

So if you can just add the option EMPTY in the filters “Is any of” or “is none of” it would be great!


While I can understand your desire to have everything in a single filter choice, this can be done by adding a second filter criteria to include empty fields:

@Justin_Barrett The reason for this request is not desire for more comfort. I can see that it can easily be solved with an OR filter. But what about cases where you have a couple of AND filters set in place already and you cannot use the OR filter after them?

I just gave this simple example in my original post so I can explain the feature request. But the use case scenario is a lot more complicated. There are many cases which lack the empty filter used in combination with “is any of”.

Beside being a convenience it’s also very logical to include the empty value next to other values in the same filter as a selection. Even though it is empty, it is a type of value that can exist in a given column.