Add folders for Automations (similar as dashboards for apps)

Amazing Airtable team, please give us folders to organize those Automations.

I have about 50 and have to plow through them. Ideally I would like to organize the automatons into folders and (in my case) I would name the folder similarly as the tables names where the automations are being used.

That would make it easier to find the right automation I am looking for.


Seconding this request as it can quickly become a warzone when you’re working on complex projects.

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Please add. Multiple automations are difficult to track. Thanks Jonathan
Screenshot 2021-07-05 165121


Really want this as well as the opportunity to re-order automations, and it’d be really nice to be able to batch enable automations. Use case: cloning a template base and all automations are ready to be enabled out of the box.

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Really want this feature, struggling to manage multiple automations for a base, even a table wise grouping would help.

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Strong recommendation for this as well. Automations can easily get of control and hard to maintain. I’ve been hesitating on setting any additional automations for this very fact. It can easily be overwhelming and disorganized.


Hi Airtable team !

Indeed this would be extremely helpful to be able to put automations into folders as well as the ability to reorder them.

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I highly second this and the ability to reorder our automations. Basically more like how you have the views features currently. I want that setup applied to Automations as well.

The Automation pane is becoming an unmanageable chaos for me. Since I newly discovered Airtable is capping the automations to about 25 maximum, I had to create complex nested automations with individual automation consisting of several unrelated flows.

Even without the idea of creating nested workflows, the pane is pain to use.

Beside allowing create folders I suggest also adding search and filter to allow search for workflow by:
a) title and or description and b) by field it uses either as trigger or target and c) by the table it affects.

I want to be able to quickly filter workflows that affect specific table.

@kuovonne created the excellent Filed List app for Airtable to lookup relaships and just by having the tool it saved me, otherwise my 4000 hours or so I invested in my Airtable project would have been wasted. Having 1500 fields in my base is no easy task to manage. With Field List I can easily find out if a field can be deleted without ruining the whole base. This tool should be part of Airtable default apps.

Why doesn’t Airtable just buy the Field List app or pay @kuovonne a royalty fee she well deserves it and that would make the amazing Field List app free to all users and included with Airtable :wink:

However the Field List app doesn’t tell me if a field is involved in an Automation. So I don’t know if I can delete a field because I don’t know if there is a relationship within an Automation.

If I was able to make search or filder within the Automation pane to look up automations affecting certain field AND/ OR certain table, that would save me lots of trouble.

Dear Airtable team, this is not a criticism or complain. Airtable is a wonderful product and miles ahead from what competition offers with similar products. Please take this as suggestion to continue to make the product better.

Thank you.


Was going to suggest this, but many others have beaten me to the punch. Could we please get this feature? :slight_smile: Thank you

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Please we really need this feature, automation panel can get really messy… Filtering automation affecting specific field or table or view could be nice. Searching automations by type of trigger could be nice too.