Add images + sections to forms

At the moment our process for job applications is the following:

  • Create a job application on Jotform
  • Connect Jotform submissions through Zapier to appear on Airtable
  • Review the applications on Airtable

Why not directly create the forms on Airtable?


  • Airtable doesn’t allow to section the form into different steps
  • Airtable doesn’t allow to add images to the questions eg. we sometimes want to ask applicants to review software codes and we can’t attach a picture of the code for people to look at to answer the corresponding question

Looking forward to perhaps see those features in the next update! It would save a lot of time and be very useful :pray:

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Until Airtable add this feature, have you considered connecting JotForm directly to Airtable?

JotForm has a built in Airtable integration so you don’t need to use Zapier.

This could already simplify some things for you?

One option is to use third-party tools. We built an advanced for Airtable. It supports both section headers and showing images on the fields.