Add is empty/not empty to Date fields

I’d like to be able to filter for date fields when it is/is not empty.
That option doesn’t currently exist in my filter drop-downs.

You could probably work around this pretty easily with a formula field that checks this for you.

Formula Field: {Is Dated?}

IF({Date Field}, TRUE())

This will return FALSE(), or 0 when the {Date Field} is empty, and TRUE() or 1, when there is any value at all in the {Date Field}.

Now you can filter records where {Is Dated?} = 1 to get records WITH dates filled in, or {Is Dated?} = 0 to get record where the date field is blank.

Thanks Jeremy, but I figured that given that this simple filter selection exists with most other field types, I can’t see a reason why it couldn’t exist here too.

Hi @Brett_D,

The option is there. Please see below screenshot.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 7.59.45 AM

OK, now I’m confused. Because for me it’s not there. To clarify, you are using the date field?


Hi Brett,

Yes I am using the date field. The problem is you are looking for it in the “Exact Date” drop list. You should look for it in the “is” drop list

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Oh good. I knew Airtable was smarter than me! Thanks so much for helping me here Mohamed

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Welcome Brett, please mark it as solved

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