Add last created record to new view

Hello, I have a table where all records have the created time field. I would like to add a view with only one record, the latest record created. It needs to update every time a new record is created being always up-to-date.

Is it possible?

Welcome to the community, @Guido_Cappa!

If you’d like to do this with an app, this is natively possible with Airtable’s Record List app:

Otherwise, you would likely need to create an automation that somehow marks each new record that is created in your system, but also UNMARKS any previously marked records. Then you could filter your view based on that marking.

Hi @ScottWorld Thanks for your answer. I am quite new with airtable and automations. Could you explain me how to create an automation like the one you described? Thank you very much

The only tricky part would be unchecking (i.e. unmarking) multiple records if there was more than one record checked, because Airtable doesn’t support that natively without scripting.

If there was only one record checked at a time (which it sounds like there really SHOULD only be one record checked at a time), then native automations would work just fine.

I’m typing this on my phone so I can’t guide you through the automations right now.

And let’s see what sort of creative ideas other people come up with as well.

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Thanks, I have found a workaround for this. I just filtered by time. Thanks

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