Add Linked Field by Barcode

Hey, I would love to be add entries to a linked field by scanning barcodes with a mobile device. This would be a great way to implement inventory or attendance tracking quickly and easily. This would require adding a “barcode” search option to the linked records popup.

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I agree completely. It would also be helpful for event managers to track participants, or anyone who uses Airtable as a check-in/check-out system. Name badges or key cards can have a barcode on them, and if we can link records using a barcode scanner it would make the process run smoothly.

Yes. Exactly what I would like to use it for. I want to track attendance with QR codes on name tags. A doorman would be responsible for scanning the tag as attendants enter. I would keep a table with each event as a date, and then add the attendants via linked record field.