Add multiple fields by script

Hello people,

My goal is to use sweet airtable to store the data from my psychology experiment.

I would like to create 5 table (Metrics, 1-4 experiment).
Each experiment needs to contain a lot of fields.
Data schema is
Each experiment will have i === 192 which means I need to create 960 fields.

I was searching for script to do it automatically, however I did not find per-defined one.
I found this site (Airtable Blocks SDK), however I have not clue how to get is going (tried automation, apps).

Im not sure, if the tool is not suitable for the task or my programming skills are not suitable for the tool.

I would be grateful, once I will get advice how to overcome the problem.


Welcome to the Airtable community!

Airtable scripts cannot create new tables or fields, or make any other changes to the base schema.

A custom app made with the Airtable Blocks SDK can create new table and fields. However creating a custom app is much, much more work than creating a script, and rarely attempted by people who are not already comfortable writing code. Plus, I recommend learning Airtable Scripting before attempting to make a custom app.

There are other ways of quickly making tables, such as duplicating existing tables, and importing tables.

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