Add multiple forms to a table and tag responses

Hi Everyone,

I want to create multiple forms to gather contacts for different reasons -

  • Subscribers who want our newsletter
  • Those who want to download our resource
  • Those who fill out our profile form

All of the forms capture Name, Email and then they have different fields.

I want to keep all these contacts in the same table. I was hoping to have one table with 3 different form views. The issue is, I want to track how each contact came in, and I can’t figure out how to tag the submitted responses by the form they submitted. Instead, I have these split across different tables and I manually tag each, then copy/paste new responses into a master list. Am I missing something obvious here? I keep all the tables structured the same so the copy/paste to master is easy.

Welcome to the community, @Jim_Brown!

You might be better off creating one unified form, and then conditionally show/hide the other fields based on the options that the user selects.

If you want to stick with separate forms, Airtable does not have any built-in way of letting you know which form the submission came from. You could take the approach that you’re already taking, and then automate the copying & pasting of records from one table to another.

Or, one of the most common workarounds is to just add a field to your form that is required to be filled in, but make sure that that field is unique to that form. So, the presence of a value in that field would indicate which form was submitted.

@ScottWorld Thanks! I’ll stick with this solution.

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