Add multiple linked records with script or automation?

Hello world

I’m working on a budget base which requires a linked field to pull in cost data.
It currently means manually searching for a linked record 20 times for each choir rehearsal (there are 10 venue costs, and 10 staff costs per choir)…
And we have 19 different choirs to do this for (almost 400 manual ‘clicks’).

I’m either being stupid and missing something obvious, OR it requires some form of scripting (in which I am clueless) or automation to make this happen automatically.

Could anyone shed some light?
Here’s a short video showing what I currently have to do.

And here’s a link to an abbreviated version of the base.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!
Many thanks

This could be done with an automation, but you would need to figure out how to tell the automation which records to “find” from the first table that you subsequently wanted to “paste” into your linked record field.

If so, you could just use a “Find Records” step in your automation, and then the next automation step would be to insert the list of records that were previously found into your linked record field.

Hey Scott - thanks for coming back so quickly.

I’ve had a play around and can only seem to get one of the twenty records to work…

I added a ‘run automation’ check box to trigger it - would you mind having a look and see what I’m missing please?

The base is here


I don’t have access to your base… but why don’t you just post a screenshot or a video? That would probably be easiest to explain.


Yes, that should be very simple ‘from the other side’. Just copypaste whole Name Column into ‘choir’. If links not created, check difference in values (extra space, wrong letter etc)

Hey Scott - sorry for the delay coming back to you…
Here’s a video - so close yet so far!

For your “update record” action, you’re telling it to put in just one name. You have to pull from the “find records” step and choose “make a new list of names”.

I mean not ‘choir’ (it looks like linked field), but the field of MB table, which links to 22W. What you doing now is really a waste of time.
How much records do you have in unfiltered MB? 418 ? if you add ‘count’ field to each link field and see Sum, it’s the same number for both tables. That quickly helps to understand how linking working.

Automation works too, you just should put there all the values found by ‘Find records’, as @ScottWorld advices.
I’m not sure about list of Names, as they are the same and I don’t know how table engine inserts them. Maybe list of Names works too but List of ID should work 100%

Oh right, do “List of Record ID’s” instead of “List of Names” for 100% accuracy under all circumstances.

Thanks, @Alexey_Gusev! :cowboy_hat_face: :raised_hands:

Hey Alexey & Scott

Thanks so much for your help and advice on this. What you’ve said makes perfect sense, but I still can’t get it to work… If you have a moment, here’s yet another video showing the issue:

[video 3](

I've tried everything it would seem but nothing will make it run properly!

Where it is specifically asking you for a Record ID, you are not giving it a record ID. Where it asks you for the record ID, you need to specify the Airtable Record ID from the trigger step.

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I think what we’ve all learnt today, is that I don’t understand Airtable as well as most!
Thanks ever so much - I really do appreciate it.
It works :slight_smile:

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