Add multiple records at a time

Hi, I tried to apply this solution found in the community :
"You can add multiple blank records by using the [shift][enter] keyboard shortcut in a grid view. Simply hold the keys down longer to add more records.

I tried to hold down the keys longer : it only adds new lines in the text edit box of the record.

Does anyone know if I’m doing something wrong?

Hi and welcome @Master_GF!
Whan you use [shift][enter] in a long text field it assumes that you want to create a line break in your text. (And when you use [enter] it assumes you want to create a “hard” line break = new paragraph.) This is normal behaviour for most text editors. When you have a long text field cell selected it doesn’t know to do anything else.

If you instead click in a different kind of field of the same or a different record and then press [shift][enter] Airtable will now correctly understand it as you wanting to create a new record.

Thank you very much for your answer. It solved my problem.