Add new linked record when entering data in a form

Unless every table has an auto PrimaryKey and you link to it, it can be difficult to create a new record. I think Sub forms or a link to next from from another table.

This also falls into the realm of using a form to edit existing records it makes some of these tasks difficult.


I also need to add a new linked record through a form.
I am currently trying to do a proof of concept for my director to use Airtable for a company-wide database, however, the lack of this functionality alone will likely steer us to another program.
Please respond urgently as we need this database asap.


+1 form view is a great concept for allowing me to hire less technically oriented users to insert data into my air table workflows. Also forms that read down a page rather than across a spreadsheet are just faster and more user friendly in many data entry situations. However, in each attempt so far it lacks some final step to make it work.

Today’s roadblock was the one mentioned in this thread.

So I have yet to use form view.

I’d love it if Airtable acted more like the old Lotus Approach - highly suggest the Airtable team buys a copy and reverse engineers features. It is a relational database that allows linking on any fields, table alias capability for multiple linked fields, complete control over displaying field labels and fields on reports, views and forms, and the ability to combine any tables in the base in any form, report or view in any way. Input into a table field from a linked record added the data to that table seamlessly. The only thing Approach didn’t have was cloud access and embed capability!

Kamille, I run monthly events and have a potential solution for you if you still need one. Call me any time - Jeri 440-590-1954

This would be super helpful! Any latest workarounds / updates on when this feature will be available through Airtable?

This feature would really help with my Organizations workflow. Currently they are having to enter multiple form submissions and re-entering a number of fields for each submission. This feature would be much appreciated.

Would love the option to create a new linked element if it doesn’t exist

I would also love this feature! I am creating a database for local food options for our office.

I need people to be able to choose from an existing restaurant list or add a new one. If they add a new one, then more fields should appear to add details of location, whether you can sit in etc.

At the minute I’m considering embedding two separate forms on the same webpage - add venue in one or add food in the other. But it’s really clunky!

Suggestions or workarounds welcome. I was looking at using other form services that integrate with airtable but I really like the ability to upload images in the native form.

My form conditionally requires the use of a second form at the moment if a new record is needed for a linked field. This workflow is clunky. It would be much better to create the linked record inline in the same form.

I’m effectively having to choose between data model normalization or good data input workflow.

Yes please. This would be very helpful for a new project brief form.

Push! It would help me a lot!

I want my coworkers to enter data through forms, as these allow me to make some fields mandatory for them to fill out among other reasons. However, as soon as I have a linked table and the record does not yet exist, they cannot fill out the form. I would really like this to work!

Thanks in advance, Airtable team!

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This would help substantially!

Let us know if this is on the horizon!

Thanks Airtable.

If the “Add new record” button was added to Forms that would a big improvement for me, so that I don’t have to force users through another form just to add the option they wanted to type.

Adding a +1 to this. @Airtable is this on the roadmap anytime soon? If yes, I’ll wait to build my forms until it comes out.


@Matt_Bush any updates? I am exploring AirTable for my organization. The idea is to basically share my workload with another team so that I am not stretched so thin. The trick is getting this other team to do the work. Without being able to add new records to other tables in the same base from the Form view, they’ll never do it. It won’t work. It looks like this is a repeatedly requested feature. Since it can be done from grid view, I don’t understand why it can’t be done from Form view. Please help!

Need this feature too.

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Come on guys. Give us this feature :slight_smile:

Need this urgently too!

100% PLEASE add this functionality. We’ve been discussing this for 2 years…

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