Add new linked record when entering data in a form

We’ve added a new feature to our extension that allows you to add line items in the form and automatically link them to the record being created.

+1 for this feature, I’d like to use Airtable as an emergency phone call logging system if our CRM goes down and being able to link to a table rather than having free text for customer fields would mean typos wouldn’t be an issue!


This would be so helpful


+1 I need this feature.

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Agreed - we need this feature. Really surprised it isn’t there already.

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Our whole team would appreciate this feature…

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4 years have passed and no changes… :frowning_face:


+1 This would be a game-changer that would streamline so many hours of maintenance work for the main airtable organizer / owner. Please give us some updates Airtable - at least an ETA or if it’s even on the list of considerations.

For those facing this problem (since 4 years ago I see), any workarounds to share for now?


+1 :warning: Really need this feature.

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Come on Airtable. This is clearly a needed function. +1 for me please.

+1!!! We need this feature and the ability to protect people’s privacy too!

+1!!! Airtable please help us with this!

+1 We would also really highly appreciate this feature

this is a must after four years

Sorry I haven’t visited this thread in over a year. The work around I use is to include hyperlinks to forms of the linked datapoint that is missing.

In this example when entering data and I arrive to the customer portion I can select a list of customers or if this is a first time customer I will select the hyperlink to the secondary form to add the information then go back and select the new record. This link is added to the description portion.


I am also needing this feature,

I use the form so that employees send payment approval requests for different proyects.

Many times the employees are starting a new project so they cannot select it from the list, they will need to add it. It would be great if this feature is added.

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I just wrote a show-and-tell post that might help in this situation. See method #2 in the post:

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+1 for our team. We need this feature.

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+1 from me. I ran into a roadblock when working on a table because I need this feature. Seeing how far the requests go back for this----- yikes :confused:

I’m going to add my name to the list of people that want tjhis feature but, given how long people have been asking for this (with no response), I’m not hopeful that anyone at Airtable is listening, which is really sad.