Add new linked record when entering data in a form

We’ve added a new feature to our extension that allows you to add line items in the form and automatically link them to the record being created.

+1 for this feature, I’d like to use Airtable as an emergency phone call logging system if our CRM goes down and being able to link to a table rather than having free text for customer fields would mean typos wouldn’t be an issue!


This would be so helpful


+1 I need this feature.

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Agreed - we need this feature. Really surprised it isn’t there already.

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Our whole team would appreciate this feature…

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4 years have passed and no changes… :frowning_face:


+1 This would be a game-changer that would streamline so many hours of maintenance work for the main airtable organizer / owner. Please give us some updates Airtable - at least an ETA or if it’s even on the list of considerations.

For those facing this problem (since 4 years ago I see), any workarounds to share for now?


+1 :warning: Really need this feature.

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Come on Airtable. This is clearly a needed function. +1 for me please.

+1!!! We need this feature and the ability to protect people’s privacy too!

+1!!! Airtable please help us with this!

+1 We would also really highly appreciate this feature