Add new linked record when entering data in a form

+1 for this feature! @Airtable

@Airtable Unbelievable that this feature is 1) not included out of the box and 2) that Airtable has not heard their customer base and added the feature. It makes me question my subscription. How can you tell people they can build a relational database via linked table fields and then not support creation of child records in a form? This seems ridiculous to me, seeing all these requests and the obvious dismissal of them.


Thought I would share my workaround for adding records to a (simple) related child table when submitting the form of the parent record. It’s not ideal, but it works.

In my example, I created a form so people could sign up to donate items for resettling refugees. But, we want to cross reference the item(s) donated by one person to the need(s) requested by another person so we can plan pickups and deliveries more efficiently. To skip the admin process of entering a row for each item on the side of the donation as well as the side of the needs request so they can be matched, I added a multi-select “Items” field to each “header” table and form, which requires the user to select the items they need or are donating and that gets saved to the header record. My automation script is triggered on insert of the header record, takes the selected “items” from the multi-select field, loops through them and creates a row in our “Item Donations Detail” table and relates it to the parent “Item Donation” or “Item Needs” header record. I had to create a separate automation script for each header table insert event. Attaching a screenshot of the Item Donation automation script.

Here is the text of the script if you want to copy/paste/refactor.

let inputConfig = input.config();
let table = base.getTable(“Item Donations Detail”);
let donation_id = inputConfig.donation_id;
let items = inputConfig.donation_items;
let linkField = “DonatedItem”;
let itemLinkField = “Item”;
let i=0;
if (items.length > 0) {
for (i=0;i<items.length;i++) {
await table.createRecordAsync({
[linkField]: [{“id”: donation_id}],
[itemLinkField]: [{“id”: items[i]}]

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this would be an incredibly useful feature, that will give much ease of use to the airtable forms, hence making airtable a helpful database.

+1 for me too. It is such a necessary function, I can’t believe it hasn’t already been addressed.

This is so necessary for my group!!

Obviously @Airtable isn’t looking at this thread since it’s over 5 years old with no further updates from them, but just thought I’d add support for this feature. Would make it so much easier to use for collaborative projects if this feature existed.

Yup, I DEFO need this too!

I suppose I’ll add my voice to this, but I am not hopeful, seeing as how this thread is more than 5 years old and nothing has been done.

Me too. Much needed.

Can you share the template for your base? Much appreciated!

Can Airtable please do something about this? this feature is very much needed

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+1 need this feature

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+1 should have been added years ago.