Add new records in sync table?

I currently have table from partner’s bases synced to my base. For some reason that we can’t work on same base. My ultimate goal is has a table can sync and update records from partner’s base and I also can add new records from my team.
'Cause I can’t add new records at original sync table so I think about create a new table can update all records from original sync table. But I can’t figure how it work.

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Hi @Anh_Thai

I found this link in the forum. Maybe it can help.

Mary Kay

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Yes! @M_k! Great catch! @Anh_Thai - holler if I can help! :wink:

Hi @M_k, @Heather_Hale

Thank you for your support.
I saw videos in your topic, but I can’t still find the solution for my problem.
What I need is a sync table have all records from original table that in other base that I can add more records. But this table can still up-to-date records from original table.

Hi @Anh_Thai

Are you sharing a base with someone and then both of you are adding/updating records to the same base?

If so, what you need is to collaborate your base with another person.

Here is a link about collaborators.

Hi @M_k
I already have share my base with my colleague, unfortunately the owner of the base I need to sync is my partner.
The problem is that for some reason we are not allowed to edit on the other’s base. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Anh_Thai

Perhaps you can take a look at the help docs regarding shared bases. I would suggest you read it carefully, since it can be little tricky, since there is a collaborator and a read only option.

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