Add % of Completion for related objective

Hey team,

I think this is an easy one, just need some help.

I have two tables - Objectives and Steps. Each step within the objective has a different “weight” / percentage tied to it, based on its importance. I need to add up the % of completion within each objective based on the weight of each step, since each step is not equal in value.

Objectives table:

Steps Table:

So ultimately I would see on the Objectives tab the % of completion based on the steps “checked” in the Steps table

If I’m understanding correctly, you can use a Rollup field for that (same field type as ‘Objective Team’). The solution below isn’t totally correct, but hopefully it demonstrates the idea. I’m cheating a little by only counting weights that are 100% complete. A better solution would probably involve a third percentage column (a formula field) that combines weight with percent complete.

Got it!

Thanks for the help!!










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