Add record to multi record field with google forms and zapier?



I have a base that has two tables: people and classes. These tables are linked so that I can see all the people in a class, or all the classes a person has taken.

The process starts with people signing up for a class via a google form that populates a google sheet.

Following these instructions ( I set up a multistep zap that creates or updates a airtable record from the google sheet when someone signs up for a class.

Here’s my question:

The current behavior is that the first time a person signs up, let’s say John Smith, for a kayaking class, that new record is created, perfect! But the second time John Smith signs up for a class, let’s say rock climbing, that rock climbing class REPLACES the kayaking class in the “Classes Taken” field. What I want, is to ADD rock climbing to the “Classes Taken” field. I have the field setup to allow linking of multiple records - and it works just fine to add additional classes manually, but I can’t figure out how to do it with the zap.

Is this possible? Are there instructions some place on how to do this?

Thanks so much,


Hi @Colgate_Outdoor_Ed

I’m not going to answer your question directly - but rather make a suggestion…

I would recommend you consider creating a third table (say called Class Bookings) which is linked to both People and Classes in which you have a single record for each booking. Whenever a booking form is completed you create a new record in this table. It will also enable you to have more features to soo who’s booked what etc - and you can use Rollup fields to count stuff etc.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Julian_Kirkness - thanks for the suggestion, that sounds like a good plan. I had actually thought about something like that originally when I set up this base, but couldn’t quite figure out how to operationalize this in Airtable. Might you be able to point me to an example base or tutorial in how to set up a third table like this that would still allow me to accomplish my goals of:

  1. see all the people in a class
  2. see all the classes a person has taken

Thanks again for the help!


@Julian_Kirkness - never mind, that was SO easy - I’m a little embarrassed this solution hadn’t occurred to me…

Thank you for the help!!!


No problem, glad to help!