Add records via Gravity Forms?


I need to use Gravity Forms on my website because it allows me to take Paypal payments as part of completing the form. Can submissions via Gravity forms add records to an Airtable table configured with the same fields?


Hi Susan.

It is possible to integrate Gravity Forms with Airtable, and I’ve done it for one of my clients.

They use Gravity Forms as part of a WordPress / WooCommerce site. I developed a custom integration for them that pulls the data coming in from the Gravity form and stores it in Airtable. It also saves the data to another (non-Airtable) system.

This client’s needs were a little complex, thus the need for the custom integration. If you only need to save the form submissions to Airtable, you might be able to do this more easily (using something like Zapier).

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

~ Tim


Thanks, Tim! Yes, I need to just save the submissions to Airtable. The submissions do involve attachments. I don’t know if that’s a big complication. I’ll look at Zapier.


You can do that easily via Zapier.


If I have fields that need to have multiple choices selected, will that translate to Airtable? In the spreadsheet generated by responses in Gravity Forms, it creates multiple columns for questions that are permitted to have multiple answers.


@Susan_Gertz1 using Zapier you can map Gravity Forms results to Airtable fields. I’m sure you can get it done the way you want that way.