Add recurring records to new contract

HI all,

For work, we support a lot of clients and do the same work for them on a yearly basis. We are managing all of this in one base.

In the base I have the following tables

  1. A table that lists all of our clients
  2. A table that tracks our contracts for each of these clients (contracts are renewed annually)
  3. A workplan table that has the template for the work tasks that we do each year.

While I have my workplan template, I want to be able to automate this list of records for each new contract that is added.

For client A’s 2020 contract I need to do tasks A-Z
For client A’s 2021 contract I need to do tasks A-Z
For client B’s 2020 contract I need to do tasks A-Z

I am getting stuck on how to best set this up to automate or script so that I anytime a new contract is created in table 2, I get the automation of the template tasks created in Table 3.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to best do this?

There are a couple different ways you could approach this, and the best option for you will probably depend a lot on your workflow. For example, it could be completely automated at the creation of a record; it could be completely automated on a timer (perhaps annually, or monthly); it could be manually triggered through a button field (so as to prevent automation from going haywire and creating tons of records you didn’t want); etc.

It might be easier for somebody to offer you more intimate help by getting a good look at your base and how it’s structured. Alternatively, you could decide the path you want to pursue and provide a bit more detail here about how your base is set up, and how exactly you’d like the process to behave (the degree of automation and how it will be triggered).

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