Add Spell Checking to Desktop App

The Airtable Electron app—like many others, but not all (see Slite’s app)—lacks support for checking spelling errors as you type. Look, I’m gunna level with you… I suck at spelling. But, I’d rather not have everyone else know it. If you could add spell check support you’d be doing me a solid. Thanks!


Anyone from airtable going to comment on this? Is this something that is being considered. I use the airtable desktop app to input product reviews and online content and have to copy paste everything out into Microsoft word to do a spell check, highly inefficient but necessary as spelling mistakes do happen!


Please add a spell check feature!!!


Just a reminder that you can use the web version of Airtable to get spell check from your web browser’s spell check capability. And the web version has all the same features as the desktop version.

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I think I’ll switch back to using Safari for now, rather than the App, so I can get spelling check back.

The suggestions here, while helpful, are not solutions, but workarounds for the issue: Lack of spellcheck within the Airtable app.

I’d like to add my name to the list of those who would find native spellchecking beneficial.

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Have done some research and here are some findings…

I found a workaround to this, but it’s not simple. There is a project on GitHub called Nativefier which you can use to create apps for any website. Once you install nativefier, you can create your own AirTable app which will have spell check enabled by default.

To run nativefier on an M1 Mac the command is:

nativefier --arch "arm64" -i '/path/to/airtable/icon.icns'
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What spellcheck does it use, is there Chrome spell check included?

Any actual resolution here? Airtable MUST get their act together on this. The app should have a spell checker feature already. We are in 2022…

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