Add text to a field through Zapier


I’m using Zapier to add notes about a student into a Long Text field.

Right now I only see a way to update the Long Text field and delete the oldtext. Is there a way to add new text without deleting the old?


Bumping up to see if anyone can help with this!

Populating a table with records

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I’d use Zapier to first “find” the record instead of creating:

  1. Find the record you are after. If the record does exist, this step reads the full record including the specific prior cell content you want to preserve, and now prior cell content will be accessible to you via the Zapier interface for the next step.

  2. Write two things to the cell:
    prior cell content
    "New notes on student."

"New notes on student."
prior cell content

This appends your comment either above or below the existing comment.


Excellent! Thanks for this


I’m using Zapier to add class record about a student into Link field.

Right now I only see a way to update the link field and delete the link records. Is there a way to add link record without deleting the old?

-----can someone explain
“New notes on student.”
prior cell content

Is “prior cell content” is variable that can keep old link data in this cell?

need this function

I need ( in Pic1) row1 ; like row2 ( cell is my handy add Link records ~ I need add ; not update and del old )

What and how do I write in zapier field "Class Record " (in Pic2)
let when I created new record and zapier auto add(not update and del old) a record on another table 's Link field ( in there is {Class Record})?

please help he !!!