Add time zone information to individual records


I’m using Airtable to keep records of events all over the world. The events have a date and time attribute, with time in different time zones. I can’t find a way to add the TZ information to the time, it seems that the only option is to set all times to GMT which is very unfriendly.

I know there is way to set the timezone for a field using formulas but that doesn’t help me as I need individual records to have different time zones.

is there a way to set the timezone info in the individual fields+records?


It’s not ideal, but I guess the easiest DIY solution is to add another field (maybe linked to another table with a list of timezones) where you specify the timezone of that record.


I thought about that but that doesn’t solve my use case, which requires exporting to table as iCal subscription for calendar applications.
I reverted to use GMT and ‘manually’ translate all the times of the events as there aren’t that many.


A little late, but say you have your timestamp saved in a column called {Date}, you could use an extra column (named {Timezone} in the example formula below) to save the time zone information; see the list of accepted time zones here:

Enter them without the quotation marks, and then add a column with this formula:

Here’s an example base