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Hello All,
I created a table in my base called notes. Customized the field type to Long Text then turned on the Enable rich text formatting. Copied and pasted a bunch of town names into one of the cells. Clicked on expand cell blue button so I could see the whole list. When it opened it had a red zig-zag underline under most of the names. I was right clicking on them all one by one and selecting add to dictionary when I realized I had added one of them to the dictionary that was spelled incorrectly.
NOTE: Undo from adding to dictionary only seems to work on the LAST word added.
Q: How do I find this dictionary and remove the misspelled word so it is caught again in the future!
Thank you

Welcome to the community, @Jonathan_Carpenter! :smiley: The dictionary that you’re updating isn’t tied to Airtable. It’s either going to be a dictionary used by the browser, or more likely a dictionary maintained by your operating system.

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Hello @Justin_Barrett,
Thank you for the nice Welcome and the right answer!

I am using Modzilla Firefox (Version 90.0.2) and searched “Removing a word you have accidentally added” it gave me the folder and file name (persdict.dat) opened it up in my Windows 10 Notebook and there it was! Each word I have ever added on a line by itself. This made it very easy to find. I never knew it was my browser checking my spelling.
With that I am a little surprised as to its limited Vocabulary. LOL
Thank you

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