'add to extension' option not showing up in web clipper


The ‘add to extension’ button is not showing up when I try to add a new clipping action. This is despite having the extension installed on Chrome (I already have two clipping actions set up in two bases) help!

Welcome to the community, @Alex_Louis! :smiley: Just as a reminder, you have to be viewing your base in Chrome to add a new clip action to the extension. It won’t work if you’re using the desktop app because the extension isn’t available.

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Th extension is added in chrome and I am viewing my base in chrome…I am not using the desktop app and I cannot clip content

Welcome to the community, @Miley_Tatum! :smiley: What type of content are you trying to clip? It might be a problem with how you set up the options in Airtable. Can you describe more about your setup?