ADD today's date in french


I would like to write a formula that create a date in format with days in number and month in letter in French like “15 Septembre” out off another date cell.
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I am not sure if Airtable has support for any language other than English.

If not you could create a nested IF formula to take the month number and convert it to the word in French.

You will need one column that is titled “Date”, then another column that is a formula with the following. I only went up to Mai but you can continue the formula to complete the rest of the year.

IF(MONTH(Date) = 1, DATETIME_FORMAT(Date,"D") & " " &"Janvier",IF(MONTH(Date) = 2,DATETIME_FORMAT(Date,"D") & " " &"Février",IF(MONTH(Date)=3,DATETIME_FORMAT(Date,"D") & " " &"Mars",IF(MONTH(Date)=4,"Avril",IF(MONTH(Date)=5,DATETIME_FORMAT(Date,"D") & " " &"Mai")))))


You can do this with Switch statement too.

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Welcome to the Airtable community! You can use SET_LOCALE in conjunction with DATETIME_FORMAT to get a text version of a date in the language of your choice.

  'D MMMM'
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Thanks @kuovonne I was not aware of Set_Local, good to know.


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