Add total to stacked bar chart


I am creating a chart block to use for reporting. I have been asked to create something like the attached. image

I have set up a table and can get all the category counts to show accurately in a a stacked bar chart block. What I can’t seem to do is add the “Total” to the top.

Is there a way to do this through the chart block settings that I’m missing, or does anyone have some advice about an category I could create to house the totals and then add them to the chart block?

Thank you in advance for any advice or help!


Welcome to the community, @Julia_Harrison!

I would add that as a feature request in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category.

It seems like a very obvious missing feature — and a total no-brainer — to have totals appear on a chart! :slight_smile: Very odd omission on the part of the Airtable team! Not sure why they didn’t do it.


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