Adding a % on top of a budget toal?


Hello all,

Just getting into this - and have a question.

Is there a way to take a budget and then add a % to the total of that budget?

ie. I have 5 lines that add up to $1,000.

I want to add a line that states “20% Contingency” that takes the 5 line total - $1,000 - and neatly adds $200 to give me a:

Item 1 = $100
Item 2 = $100
Item 3 = $100
Item 4 = $100
Item 5 = $100

Sub-Total = $1,000
20% Contingency = $200

Total = $1,200

Thanks !


Not when using a single table.


I’m actually trying to use multiple tables …
But I would need to at least roll-up some totals from the first table.

If I was to continue the example …

  1. Roll-Up Items Type A $300
  2. Roll-Up Items Type B $200
    … etc ….


It is very likely @Septemous that this is not the best solution (maybe not even my best solution)–but this was quick and maybe it’ll be useful to you in the meantime.

2 tables –

  1. for detailed expenses. You assign each expense to a budget line (“office supplies”) via link. You then select which expense you want in the contingency calculation using the second link field
  2. for the summarized budget–it will display contingency as 20% of all the items you chose for contingency and you can change the % by editing the rollup. Please note the hidden fields in this table, which are the ones that make the ‘magic’ happen

I could give you a total as another line but it is waaaay too clunky and you have the total as a calculation at the bottom of the table anyway. But if you really really want it, it can be done pretty much like I did the contingency.


If anyone thinks this sucks and there’s better way, ping me so I remove this and give the space to a nicer solution.


I think I see -

I could almost use a checkbox for “Contingency” (and a 2nd for “Fee” - and then I could check rows that I want to rollup and then multiply that by a % to calculate.

Makes sense - have to train my brain to think more DataBase and less SpreadSheet !

If anyone has other ideas - I’m all ears !

Thanks !


If you would be so kind - could you allow me to see the field types and how you structured the table?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You should be able to create a copy the base to your own team, there’s a link on the top right