Adding an option on a form when the field linked to another record


One of my fields is linked to another record in the same base. In the form view, is there a way that someone can add a new record, instead of selecting one that already exists? I see this capability for normal fields, but it doesn’t appear when the field is linked to another record.

Add new linked record when entering data in a form

Hi Justine! Currently it’s only possible to select a record that already exists in shared forms, not to add a new linked record.

We plan on making feature improvements to form view in the coming months. If you can tell us more about how you’d like to use forms, that would be helpful for our planning process!


Could it be that Airtable fixed this issue of selecting a record in a linked field by using a form? I remember that I wasn’t able to do so! If that is fixed, that would be awesome.


This missing feature is keeping me from really using Airtable for a project.
Use Case:
Hierarchical grids ( or Nested grids, or Parent/Child grids ),
Ex. Location grid, Container grid, Object grid
Objects are in Containers, Containers are in Locations
On Location Form I would like to select a Container that belongs to that Location or add a new Container that becomes linked to that location, In that Container I would like to add Objects that are available to that Location by being linked to the Location and I would like to be able to add new Objects that would become linked to that Container and Location.

Maybe allow selected fields from a child grid to be a form input in a parent from, dropdown of child name allows children of current parent to be selected or fill the fields to create a new child that is linked to the parent.

Is there currently a way to do this that I am missing?


Hi @Matt_Bush

Justine didn’t reply with more info, but I have the exact same issue and I thought I would add my voice as this is something that I sorely need. Here’s how we are planning on using forms:

I have a workspace where one of the tables has approx 1000 records - these records are musical arrangements (sheet music) for my choir.
The idea is that as our staff want to add to our repertoire, they will use the form to add a new arrangement to the table. One of the fields in the form is “arranger” - another is “composer” and a third is “lyricist”. All three fields are linked back to a separate table consisting of a huge list of artists (a composer can also be a lyricist for example, so they all share the same table).

As the staff member enters the details on the piece, they should not only be able to select an existing composer/lyricists/arranger, but given the option to add a new one. Right now, this isn’t possible - they can only select an existing one, and this is a major limitation in using the form. In the majority of cases, the composer/lyricist/arranger won’t already exist in the linked table, so in the majority of cases, the form to add a new piece of music is unusable.

To make sure I’m being 100% clear, here are a couple of screens comparing the lookup field view in a form vs in a grid:

After entering nearly 1000 records in my main table in preparation for end-user use, I am devastated to find that this functionality is missing at the 11th hour. I should have tested it earlier I guess, but for now it means that I’ll have to continue to enter the data myself :worried:

Is there any update on when we can expect word back on the form view improvements you mentioned? Many thanks!