Adding Available Date to Form

I’m looking to add “available dates” (pre-defined) into a form for the user to select. Not sure how to go about setting this up.

Once the form is submitted, I would like the selected date to fall off the available date list. Also, not sure on how to go about setting this up.

Welcome to the community, @Ashley_Miller! :smiley: I recommend creating a [Dates] table, with each record corresponding to a single available date and displaying that date in the primary field. Add a linked record field to that table pointing to your primary table, then create a view that only shows records where that linked record field is empty. Name this view something like “Available Dates”.

Back in your main table, you’ll have a reciprocal linked record field pointing back to the [Dates] table.
In your form configuration, set this field to only allow the user to select records from the “Available Dates” view. When someone selects a given date and submits the form, that will create a link to the date record, automatically removing it from the view for the next user to fill out the form.

The biggest hiccup with this setup is tied to the fact that forms don’t give you a live look at the data in Airtable. The data is retrieved when the form is rendered, but it’s not updated on the fly if the data changes while the form is still open. Because of that, it’s possible for more than one user to have the form open at the same time and both pick the same date because the actual link isn’t created until the new form record is created, and that doesn’t happen until the form is submitted. If you feel like the chance of simultaneous selection is low (and you’re willing to deal with it on the back end if it happens), then this will probably work. There may be third-party tools that allow you to interface with Airtable’s data differently, but I’m not familiar with such tools at this time. If anyone knows of a more foolproof solution, please speak up!

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Hello Justin! Thank you for the warm welcome and very detailed response!

This is exactly what I’m trying to do and I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

I did think about the potential issues but I think the probability of 2 people being in the form at the same time is extremely slim. Don’t want to try and solve for the 1% lol. If it happens, I’ll be happy to handle it myself.

Another question, the shareable form link… is there a way to set that to expire or create a new link (deactivating the old one).

Sorry for all the questions, just discovered calendar view in collaboration and that In itself is going to be like changing :rofl:

There isn’t currently a way to set the link to expire. To generate a new link, click “Share form” in the form view, then click the “refresh” icon at the end of the line listing the URL:

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 6.34.52 AM

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