Adding Button Scripts like VB Macro in Access/Excel - field type "macro button"


Is there a way to add buttons which do some automated jobs inside AirTable ? This feature will be a killer.

For example; From the customers table with form view, I click a button to invoice the customer and the invoice form comes with pre-filled info from the customer I was in and sends a mail with my smtp server.

This can be done with a field type “macro button” added and some script added to the button


This is something that I have a need for as well.


I’m working on a scripting web service. Drop me a line if you’re interested. :slight_smile:


No, not at the moment.

What you can do and we have done is just host the script on a server with a public domain and hit it using the URL field type then interact with airtable using the API. This has the effect of creating a button.

In our case, we were using Airtable as a CMS for a static site, and needed the button to force a git commit and push to update content. Your request is a little more complicated than that but doesn’t seem impossible.