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I am trying to add colour to a bunch of records, however, I do not want the colours to be linked to the content of the record. I wonder if there is a way to manually add colour to groups of records, so that not all records that have the same text have the same colour. Is there a way to do this?

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Hi @tine_damgaard,

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In Airtable, Colors are used with some sort of filtering, you have to put an argument of some sort for the record to be colored. Please read more about Record Coloring in this Article


Hi @Mohamed_Swellam thank you so much for replying to my question!
I have read the guide, but I struggle to see how I can apply the guidelines to my scheme.
The situation is this: I am catalogueing a number of objects, that are placed in (physical) shelving units marked by colours. So one unit will be yellow, another blue. The way to find a stored object is thus locating the yellow shelving unit, and find shelve 1-A for example. Trouble is there are multiple 1-A’s as the shelving unit is only marked by a colour and not a number.
So if I apply the colour yellow to 1-A in my grid, I am in trouble. Any solutions for this you think?
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Hi @tine_damgaard,

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I would suggest a simple solution, create a new Single Select Field, put in it Shelve Color (or you can call it anything else such as Shelve No. )and choose the Colored Options, change the color of the options to the color you need. Now use the Color Option to match the color of this single select.

Hope this works.


@Mohamed_Swellam but of course, great idea! Thank you very much.

@tine_damgaard glad to help :slight_smile:

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