Adding Evernote web clips to Airtable


I have a question that I feel like should have an answer, but I’m not able to find it. I have a large collection of Evernote web clips that I would like to transfer to an Airtable base. I’ve tested this using Zapier, but since most of my Evernote notes are actually articles clipped using the Evernote Web Clipper, the information is transferred and saved in Airtable as HTML. What I would like is for these clipped articles to appear as images in my Airtable base - similar to how they appear in my Evernote account (example:)


I was able to successfully upload a clipped article to Airtable by saving the Evernote clip to my computer as an image and uploading it individually, but I have hundreds upon hundreds of these types of articles/images and it’s just not feasible to do this manually. Does anyone know of any workarounds that will allow me to transfer my Evernote web articles to Airtable so that they appear as images and not HTML? Besides using Zapier, I’ve tried adding images to an Airtable field using the Airtable upload feature and selecting Evernote, but nothing has consistently worked thus far.