Adding file to Attachment field via API from secure site (dropbox, Sharepoint, Google Drive etc)

I am working to develop a custom integration between my Airtable base and my Office 365 system via Sharepoint and PowerAutomate.

For Context: My overall project involves pushing selected emails directly from Outlook into Airtable, with a pdf of the email text and uploading the attachments.

Power Automate allows me to create the pdf of the text and the attachments into any cloud storage system, I want. However, all of those systems only seem to output sharing links that require some kind of authentication or are view-only style “sharing”.

Is there a way I can get a URL from any of those services that would actually allow Airtable’s api to download the file and get the proper file type, name, and other metadata?

Airtable needs only a view-access as long as it’s a direct URL to the document; it cannot be framed in another page layer.

Google Drive has a “Access by anyone with the link…” setting which works pretty well notwithstanding this issue.I believe this is the equivalent for Office 365.

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