Adding groups to my gallery view

Hi guys. I would like to make something like this (picture) in my gallery view. Im talking about those categories that consist of fields. Is it possible to do in airtable?

Hi @Brozi,

Currently, this type of feature isn’t available in Airtable as you have it shown. You could set up different Gallery views to show only those for each group you have (Basic Info, etc.) but it would be a bit cumbersome. This is really getting at field grouping, which Airtable doesn’t currently support. Hopefully they will in the future.


@Brozi You might want to check out On2Air: Amplify. It doesn’t do exactly what you’re looking for, but it does give you more advanced interface control than what you get in Airtable. And perhaps @openside will be able to add a feature like this in the future:

Thats isnt an option for me because Im looking for free software. Database I want to create isnt worth investing in it, and I’m a broke student, so I dont have a money for it anyway.

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