Adding IF to DATEADD Formula

So I have my formula calculating the 90-day deadline from the start date. DATEADD({Start},90,‘day’)

But I want it to only calculate IF there is a date in the start column. Currently, if there is no date in the start column it produces a #error, however, ideally I’d like to set the formula so that the deadline is blank until the actual start date has been entered.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the newbie question!!

Hi Silvana. This is a pretty common question. The IF function says that IF(expression, is true do this, otherwise do this). The false evaluation outcome is optional and will leave the formula result empty if not specified (or something like empty). Some like to use the “=BLANK()” when checking to see if a field is empty, but it’s not necessary.

IF({Start}, DATEADD({Start},90,‘days’))

Good luck.

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