Adding Images to a folder adds a record


I have already created a base for the artwork of an artist I’m working for. Over 3000 records so far. Most contain a photo of the artwork. This has been manually done so far from JPEGs residing in a Dropbox folder. I would love to make the current base look into this folder and compare the filename of the JPEGs to the filename in records. If in finds a new one, I want a new record to be created and the image uploaded. I have read and tried Integromat but are having problems having Integromat seeing my tables. Already trying to see what is happening there. Don’t think Zapier will work either. I am aware that this is a common request but I’m failing to find an answer. I am wondering if it is possible via API coding. I am not a programmer and would need to hire someone but wanted to know if this avenue was possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


You should be able to do this fairly easily with Zapier I think. Although it does say “Make sure the number of files/folders in the watched folder does not exceed 4000” which may be a problem for you.

You can definitely do it via the API.


Have been trying all afternoon with Zapier. What would seem like a very simple zap, is proving so frustrating. I setup my Zap to trigger when a new image is added to a folder. This should create a new record on a Table pulling the filename and the image. I test the Zap and it pulls the test file correctly. All good so far. I then run the Zap to pull the other files in the folder but I get a message that states that there are no new files in the folder. There are only about 20 files in the folder now. I have tried emptying the folder and placing the files inside again and renaming the files but I keep getting the message that it did not find new files. Don’t know what else to do.


Remove the files from the folder. Create an entirely new Zap. Test the Zap works. Turn it on. Then add the files back to the folder.

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@David_Skinner Thank you so much. That worked.