Adding Section Headings to Forms


I’ve set-up a rather long form, and I’d like to divide it and give an explanation in that division. For instance, a section header:
“Tell us about yourself” and then a short paragraph below:
The next few questions ask about your name and your job. Fill them in for yourself and anyone in your group who is coming. The form gives space for four people and another spot to add even more if needed. Once you’ve given the names of all the people in your group, skip to “Your Preferences” below.
Is there a way to do something like this?


I completely agree! I was just going to make the same suggestion, but found yours. I too am making a long form (converting a rubric) and would like to add section breaks with a brief description of each section.


Note the form view allows one to enter a long description of the form, change field names to something potentially more descriptive or ‘friendly,’ and enter a long help text for each field requested in the form. (The case described by @S_Thurston is supported explicitly; your needs are supported, as well, but may require a little more creativity to implement.)