Adding UPCOMING status to tasks that will be started soon

I have been using the really helpful formula in this airtable article to have a status of done, complete, and in-progress for my project management base:

My formula currently looks like this:

IF({Done} = 1, “:white_check_mark:Done​:white_check_mark:”,IF(IS_BEFORE({Due Date}, TODAY()), “:alarm_clock:OVERDUE​:alarm_clock:”,“:+1:In-progress​:+1:”))

However, I would really like to divide the In-progress into tasks that are currently in-progress (keeping status. as is) and tasks that are upcoming (start date is after today, basically). This is what I want:

:white_check_mark:Done :white_check_mark:: IF({Done} = 1, “:white_check_mark:Done :white_check_mark:
:+1:In-progress :+1:: Start Date=before today and Due Date=After today
:alarm_clock:OVERDUE :alarm_clock:: Start Date = before today and Due Date=before today
:clock2:Upcoming :clock2:: Start Date= after today

I have tried so many different ways to nest another condition in there, and I just can’t make it work on my own… Would someone please help me out here?

Hi Layne and welcome to the community!

Yeah, these nested IFs are difficult to dial in.


  1. Copy your formula into a text editor and logically organize it so you can see the flow of the conditions; this always seems to help with complex and dependent conditionals.
  2. Consider using Switch().

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