Adding varied number to date for new date

I saw a similar question to this but was not able to get the solution to work.

I am creating an inventory base. Column A is the number of days (how often to restock), Column B is the date last stocked, and I’d like Column C to take Column B’s date and add Column A’s number of days to get a new date (when to next order).

So if I ordered something on 7/20 and need to order more in 90 days, I’d like the date to reflect 90 days after 7/20.

I’ve tried every DATEADD formula I can find. I can’t quite figure it out.

My columns are:
Date Last Stocked (date)
Stock Up Every # Days (#)
Date to Stock Next (fx)

I currently have DATEADD({Date Last Stocked},

Everything I’ve tried after that results in an error.

Would really appreciate some help, thank you!

The example formula you provided is incomplete, but the proper formula would be something like:
DATEADD({Date Last Stocked}, {Stock Up Every # Days}, 'days')


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