Additional Colors


I would like more than the default 7 colors. I frequently have need for more and it becomes confusing when colors start to repeat.


I’d love this too…


I can’t echo this enough! I’d really love it if there were a way to choose any color of my choosing, using CMYK or RGB values, but even just expanding the choices to 20 or so colors would be helpful.

I would like to propose: turquoise, burgundy, coral/salmon, yellow, gray, & brown.


I’m not a fan of how similar some of the colors are


would like to be able to highlight/colour entire rows too


While a curated and friendly UI is hugely appreciated, I agree; more colors are needed. If not a proper color-picker, or RGB (or LAB) sliders, please give us a few more colors and then a light/dark option for each. ~30-40 colors oughta do. THX.


I accidentally found more colors being hidden (?) recently when I pasted a list of options into one of my bases. I had 21 options, and I got 21 different colors; however, I no longer get the same results (just those 7 colors). Maybe these are coming soon?


That is AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up.


Glitch in the matrix.


Hey everyone! Users on our Pro plans now have access to many more select colors. We’ve just added a bunch of new colors—33, in fact, bringing the total number of available select colors to 40.

For reference, here’s what the new colors look like (compared alongside the colors for the free plan):


Just to get more colors I must change from a Free Plan to a Pro Plan for total 12 x 24 Dollars a year. Mmh???


Please extend the additional 33 Pro colors to the bases themselves, when on the team home screen. We enjoy the wider range when within our base, but would like to use one of the new colors for the base itself (base icon, header behind table tabs, etc.).


What’s the justification for only making the colors available within the paid plan? The colors start to get confusing once you have more than ~5 options in a picklist, or if you have multiple picklist fields in a base. However, I don’t think I can justify upgrading our subscription to the tune of several thousand dollars annually for…more colors.


I don’t work for Airtable, and I enjoy the benefits of free software as much as the next person… but I think we need to remember that Airtable is under no obligation to provide us with anything at all for free. If they decide it is in their best interest for maintaining a viable company to provide perks in an attempt to get people to upgrade to paid plans, it is well within the bounds of justification.

As free users, we benefit only because Airtable actually does have some paying customers who provide the income Airtable needs to keep the servers that host our free bases running, and the developers that improve the software paid so that they can support their families. Without paying customers, Airtable wouldn’t exist at all, and without perks incentivizing the paid tier, there would be no paying customers.

Just my two cents. I’ve no interest in arguing the point or causing bad blood.


I fully understand that, and do not disagree that Airtable needs to find ways to entice users to buy subscriptions (obviously) – my point is simply that “more colors” by itself is probably not a sufficient enticement for most users to upgrade, because the Pro/Enterprise plans come at significant cost (both for individual users or for organizations that have multiple users/teams collaborating in the product), and color pickers as a concept are pretty commoditized. No company is going to pay $24+/user/month annually for the sole purpose of unlocking 20 additional colors for 2 field types – especially when other tools give you the whole rainbow for free.

Disclosure: I think Airtable is a fantastic product and obviously want to it to continue to be viable and make money. Just questioning the logic behind the colors thing. Blocks? Blocks are worth paying for. Lots of expanded/advanced functionality there. Colors? IMHO, not so much.