Additional columns created when updating a contact with new info?


I’m new to airtable, and have used a ‘video production’ template to use for my small production company.

I have various projects ‘project title’, and various contacts are listed as ‘crew’ on the projects. I work with the same people on various projects, so when a new project is created and I add the relevant crew as part of the team, additional columns are created listing the ‘project title’.

For example:
Project Title #1 - Producer is Person A, Editor is Person B.
Project Title #2 - Producer is Person C, Editor is Person D
Project Title #3 - Producer is Person A, Editor is Person D.

When I look at the Person record, it should show me all project titles they’ve worked on in one column, but it creates additional columns with each new project.

How do i fix this? I’m going around in circles :frowning:



If you want to track the role of the person, what you describe is OK to me. 3 tables:

  • People: with contact information, photo, birth date, or any data you want to store
  • Projects: the projects themselves, with start date, title, description, etc.
  • Roles: a juntion table to track Project + Person + the role the person worked. This way you could track start/end dates, several roles per person in the same project, the contract for the person y that project, etc…

You could check the Projects that a Person has worked in in the People table, you should have a Linked Records field to Roles, or you could Group/Filter the Roles table by the Person name.

PD: I haven’t used the template you are using.


Hi Elias, thanks so much for sharing this - I will take a look and play around with what I have and follow your suggested connections. It may make sense for me to start a fresh one, but this is really helpful either way.