Adjust DateTime_Format for numerous Dates in One Formula

I created a formula field to merge three date fields into one. No record has more than one date, so I wanted them all to be in one place. However, when I used concatenate, the dates are very long, so I’m trying to use DateTime_Format for all three, but I keep getting Errors. I’ve tried looking this up and have tried different combinations, but no luck.


Here’s what it looked like originally before I tried formatting

You can’t format an empty cell, which is probably why you got errors. Try

   OR({SF - Conf Date}, {Survey Date}, {Event Date}),
      IF({SF - Conf Date}, {SF - Conf Date}, IF({Survey Date}, {Survey Date}, {Event Date})),

Since you said only one date will matter, I used a series of cascading IF() statements to insert a date field if its filled in, otherwise it will check the other fields.


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