Adjust header height

It would be usefull to be able to adjust the header height. I woud use this feature to redure the width of a fied and still be able to read the header.


Yes, this is a much-needed feature. I have several clients who are in desperate need of this.

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I’d like that :slight_smile:

How can this only have 6 likes? Screen real estate is scarce and scrolling to see columns is a pain. Allow higher header and columns don’t have to be so wide and more columns could fit in the view.

Airtable doesn’t seem to understand the importance of this.

Please be sure to email about this very important & much-needed feature. They rarely read these forum posts, but they need to hear from everyone about this.

Ok. Here’s what I wrote:


I’m quite surprised that AirTable does not have the ability to change the height of grid view headers. So often (most of the time?), one needs a descriptive header that is far wider than the data. It’s a total waste of screen space to make the entire column wide enough for titles.

Spreadsheets understood this decades ago by enabling adjustable height on headers (field names) so the data column widths could be optimized for screen width without sacrificing readability of the headers.

Please prioritize adding the capability to adjust grid view header heights.


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Fantastic letter! :slight_smile: Let’s hope it helps!