Adopting Sales CRM Dashboard - Issue with Rollups

I am trying to adopt the summaries used in the Sales CRM Dashboard to get summaries in my Product database. I have a field that makes the category into a 3 digit number. I’ve tried linking this to a one row Summary table with no luck. It doesn’t seem to matter if I link the tables from the Cards table to the Summaries table, or vice versa. Either way, when I add the Rollup that refers to the NumAbbCalc field of the Cards table, I get nothing in the Summaries record. Somehow the connection between the tables is not correct.

You haven’t actually linked the records between the two tables. Making a link field only creates the potential to add links. It does not make the links for you. Notice how the {Summaries} field next to your {NumAbbCalc} field is empty for all records. Empty means no links, and no links means you can’t roll up anything in the [Summaries] table.

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Thanks for your response. I see what you are saying. But what am I linking? In my mind, I’m linking the whole Cards table to the one Summaries table line.

That makes sense. What you need to do now is create those links. In each record of your primary table, you need to click in the link field you made that points to the [Summaries] table, click the “+” symbol, and that will open a dialog to let you choose the record you want to link to.

Along that line, you’ll also need to add something to the primary field (far left) of the one record in the [Summaries] table that you want to link to. Without that, you’ll only see “Unnamed record” when trying to add the link from your primary table.

One way to simplify making the links is to manually add the link to the topmost record in your main table. Then drag-fill the rest using the little square in the lower right corner with that field selected (similar to drag-filling cells in a spreadsheet). That will copy that link as far down as you drag. Because you’ve got groups in your main table (from what I can see in the screenshot that you posted), you might consider doing this drag-fill operation in a new view that doesn’t have anything grouped. With groups in place, you can only drag-fill within a single group.

Excellent! That was the missing link! Appreciate it very much!

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