Advance form style and function


Please add custom styling to form:

  1. Custom css
  2. 2 or 3 columns fields option
  3. Multistep form
  4. Conditional logic

And also, please add more advanced form functionality:

  1. Receive payment (paypal and stripe)
  2. Email notifications for new submission
  3. Submissions details to submitter

I know this is too much, but i think everything above is important features.


I agree with this. Having an option for more advanced users to further customize the forms is essential. The form becomes far too long with the fields we need added. We have to scroll down to the bottom when a multi-column layout would be a much better alternative.

+1 on everything else, especially the conditional logic!


+1 this suggestion. Love the idea of customising the look. Also, having the ability to automatically notify a number of people via email upon submission would save creating more work arounds.