Advanced Attendance Tracking and Reporting

Here’s a slightly different use-case of attendance tracking. I take attendance for a weekly business meeting. I have a table of contacts, but I need to track certain details about each contact at each meetings.

For example, Jason was present, generated one lead, met with sally, and brought in $150 of business.

I’d like these meetings to be grouped by date and have each contact’s attendance and stats tracked. For the example above, I’ll also need Sally’s record to indicated that she met with Jason. At the end of the quarter, I will need to prepare a report showing how many meetings, leads, etc have been brought in by each member.

So far, I have tables called Contacts, Meetings, and Attendance. Contacts is the list of attendees and their pertinent details. Meetings is a table of the weekly meetings including dates and which member presented that week. The Attendance table is where the magic happens, but maybe it needs to be broken out to another table.

In the Attendance table, each record is a combination of a Contact and a Meeting. This way, each record is a person’s “visit at a meeting”. This way, I can see how many leads Jason brought in at last week’s meeting.

Any help here would be much appreciated as I think I’ve hit the cap of my skill with Airtable and I’m spinning my wheels. Thank you in advance.

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