Advanced rules for data input and validation

Field validation would be a huge help. It looks like I can’t add conditional fields based on a formula, yet. Even that would help, but built-in field validation is a must-have!


Adding to this. I’m looking for basic functionality to make one or multiple fields that aren’t the primary key to be required. This seems like it should be out of the box. Pity that this thread goes back so far with very little movement.


Can not understand why this is not here yet



+1 C’mon Airtable. The community has been waiting a long time for this!


Hey Airtable. I have a group of very ambitious (and hungry) developers who are looking for work. I’m happy to loan them to you to help get this incredibly simple and much needed feature added. I’m guessing they could get it implemented and tested within a month. Lemme know!


We’ve built a solution that shows a warning if the input format is invalid. Our form shows a warning if the user types an email, phone number or URL with an invalid format.


agreed! please can we have a option to ensure that required data is entered

Came here for answers about data validation. Seems like this hasn’t been resolved :frowning:


+1 for all these suggestions for data validation. My main holdup on my project has been duplicate / double linked data. I can’t recommend Airtable going forward with these features missing.

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I scrolled down and was expecting a data validation solution. This is simply amazing. How can this be missing in 2021?



I would really like to see data validation added to Airtable. It’s critical for the purposes that I use Airtable for.

+1 Data validation for drop down lists.

+1 Data validation for drop down lists and multi select lists at the very least

Airtable could really learn a lot from their competition. Check out the screenshot below to see just a few of the validation options in Apple’s FileMaker. And these are just a few of the validation options that are available to us in FileMaker… you can actually validate every single keystroke, every single mouse click, and so much more.


AIRTABLE … are you listening? If you need some programmers to do this I can lend you some of my team. They could program this, test and implement in about 30 days. This request started April 2018 and is one of your largest and most active discussions in Product Suggestions – let’s get going on this!


@Brad_Laney That would be awesome. I would also be willing to lend a hand with testing and feedback, though I’m short on dev time at the moment :). The interface @ScottWorld gave as an example is a wonderful start.

Validation is one of the key features air table is missing that makes me hesitant to use it with a team at-large.

I totally agree this this can cause teams to have hesitancy!

If you want to use Apple’s FileMaker instead of Airtable, FileMaker is quite possibly the most advanced consumer-friendly database-building & app-building product on the market. There’s pretty much nothing it CAN’T do.

In addition to being an expert Airtable consultant, I am also a Certified FileMaker Developer of 25+ years. So if you need to hire a developer to help you out, please feel free to reach out to me through my website at

I think the technical limitation AirTable has with validation stems from the fact that unlike typical relational databases that require Insert statements and transactions, with AirTable records are added and updated in real time. There is no submit or save event to trigger the validation on.
By the time you are entering data into the cells the record has already been created.
Form views at least have blur events on every field that can trigger validation, but in grid view, you can paste drag and otherwise enter data via automations that would break down with restrictive validations.

However I believe there would still be tremendous value in being able to set rules at the column level and then being able to track the “validity” of a cell.
For example, highlighting cells that are invalid, creating view that show or hide records containing invalid cells, as well as adding a function like “is_valid” to formulas and scripts and at the very least, restrict entering bad data in any records expanded view

This would allow AirTable to remain flexible with it’s data input methods but allow users to track and thus maintain data integrity.


Well, a super ugly yet affective hack here is to add a separate formula field with a bunch of IF statements to cover all the options you expect in a certain field. If those conditions are not met, then you can trigger any number of things to happen as a result. (yes…this is ugly, yet it might get people out of a jam)

You can also setup a “When record enters a view” trigger to set an automation for outliers to the expected values in a field: When record enters a view trigger – Airtable Support.