Advanced User Permissions

Another alternative involves updating records through forms and automations. You can create a button that opens an update record form targeting the record of choice. Then use automations to take the input from that form and update the record.

It’s more work than the three sentences above may make it sound, but it allows you to give a view-only link to someone and restrict exactly what they can see and edit.

Also, don’t take Bill’s attitude too personally. Although he is right, the sarcasm at the end of the post might be a bit much :slight_smile:

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Yes, there’s always an edginess when digging for clear requirements and I am known for being a little blunt. :wink: However, I wasn’t attempting sarcasm in this case - I was simply recognizing that Orem had reflected on and complained about the earlier comments that were unhelpful and invited him to provide some thoughts that are detailed and contained substance.

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Is it possible to do collaborator-field based dynamic permission? i.e. to let only assigned collaborator to see or edit the line.