Advanced User Permissions

Hey @Jarvis,

Sorry for forgetting to report back here! I did submit this feedback to our Product team, but I don’t know of any movement on this specific feature request at this time. If there is any upcoming movement that I can disclose, I’ll make sure to follow up here!

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Thanks. Any update on this would be welcome, particularly whether it’s on the roadmap at all or not. It’s been half a decade since this was first requested, and this is 2nd largest thread in this forum, so there’s a lot of users who would want to know where Airtable stands with this.

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For many years now, I have not been able to fully use AirTable due to the lack of Advanced User Permissions.

Every time I get an email from AirTable about what’s new - I hope to see Advanced User Permissions. But instead, I see some kind of visual decoration and controversial innovations.

When will you do Advanced User Permissions?


Chiming in to keep this request alive.

A solution that would help would be to limit view shared link visibility to specific users (even specific paid users), rather than email domains. Right now we only have one paid user, the administrator. This is not because we want to, but because Airtable’s lack of granular permissions forces us to operate this way. Everyone else at our company is in the free tier. We can somewhat control permissions and data visibility by sending out shared view links restricted to our domain, and letting free users make changes/create records through forms. Onboarding and termination are a headache, as we manually track and update shared view links on a per-employee basis. Linking shared views to user accounts, or better yet, role based groups of user accounts would make all of our employees paid users.

Would be curious if any other businesses out there would have more paid accounts with a better user permissions system. Might help with getting this feature request prioritized.

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Are there any news about permissions? The huge amount of teams can’t use AirTable because it doesn’t have permissions. So, everybody have to show all information for everybody, including secret and important information. I think, permissions - is the foundation for CRM, databases or other similar products.
If you need more feedback, help or more information - you can write me:
So, the most of community is waiting for this feature. Really hope you complete this task as soon, as you can!
Thanks a lot, Ivan Chernyshuk

I wanted to about the update of permission. If anyone has the news please share

#1 reason we don’t adopt Airtable for more use:

limited permissions, either access to entire base or nothing unless embedding view somewhere externally or just sharing a link, i.e. we can’t have team members who can only see certain tables or field, they see EVERYTHING in the base

“Field/table editing permissions do not affect who is able to see information in the base. To share only a limited subset of information in your base, use a view share link and optionally, a form.”

We have been using Airtable in limited capacity for about 4 years, and there has been no change on this requirement. Such a shame.


Same issue for us. Would recommend trying Stacker. It’s overpriced and the interface is not as smooth as Airtable’s, but it solved most of our issues with view permissions.

Or maybe view permissions will be baked in to Google Tables when it’s released.

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Yes I Second this I have been paying 350 a month for Stacker just to get this feature but the interface is clunky and the interface is not as good as Airtable.


Can we please get this to work at Airtable?

Seriously can we start a go fundme or something

Worth watching Table Talk 15.

Seems like view permissions are actually a high priority for Airtable and may start being released in 2022.

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Second the urgency of these requests. Would really need to see a restriction to duplicating bases (shocking that it is allowed to any users not only creators/owners) and restricting some views so that not all users could see them (so not having the option of seeing everyone’s personal views for some users)
Have gone through all the individual tables and fields restrictions and using forms where possible but the above is a big big need.
Hopefully the cryptic messages on the upcoming changes that CPO mentioned in table talk actually come this year!

Hey folks, jumping in here obviously to stress the need to overcome this limitation of Airtable, but also to share that works extremely well for many of these examples, and unlike other alternatives mentioned, it’s a cost-effective way and the end result looks great.

Have a great day, everyone!

Late to the conversation, but throwing my hat in this ring as well. I have a view that is only for key people. In that view is a field with a button that triggers a script. I don’t want everyone to have access to run that script, but I can’t edit permissions on a button field. Hiding won’t work cuz other collaborators can just duplicate the view and unhide that column. This is a critical piece of our workflow, and I hope AirTable makes this happen.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for us to control permission levels on the View level or the Table level. I run an agency. I want to have everything in 1 base, but also want to control who sees what. I am not interested in building multiple bases with multiple syncs to keep track of. With over 95 employees, this means I would need to create/manage/upkeep 95+ bases (1 per employee). I love Airtable but this is a make it or break it feature. To add, this thread has been alive and well since 2016 and still going in June 2022, with close to 300 ppl voicing this need (this doesn’t include the thousands who have not expressed their concern and simply never sign up or leave the platform). I find it disappointing that this isn’t even on your radar @Airtable . Again, kudos for creating such an amazing platform, but it’s all for nothing if it creates more work for your users rather than make things efficient as is intended. I hope you see this and decide it’s important enough to take action.


Per Emily here, it seems like there’s something in the works, at least for interface view permissions. Also mentioned by AT’s CPO in February.

If it doesn’t materialize, there are a handful of competing companies that are actively working on this functionality (along with bonus features like self hosting and vastly increased record limits). Either way, you’ll likely have options by early 2023.

Thanks for sharing! I must’ve missed Emily’s post in this thread.

The community is waiting for the feature of user permissions to see lists and so on.

For those still waiting for Airtable to bring advanced user permissions, here’s a new competitor SmartSuite that seems to do it right, and it just launched a couple of months back.

Don’t take my word for it though, but watch this video: Is SmartSuite the best no-code tool? 🤯 3 gamechanging features - YouTube

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I think they did it… Airtable Blog Article

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Hi all -

I hope you’re doing well.

As mentioned above, I wanted to confirm that we now have granular permissions in Airtable :tada:

This includes the ability to share an Interface without sharing the associated base and current user filter improvements. You can learn more details here.

If you have any questions, please drop them in the thread above!