Advancing dates automatically

Hi All

If I have a date on a line in a table which is the same every month…ie 2/20/20 and I check the item as done…is there a way to have the date advance or change to the next month in some way?

I’d like to use this for bill reminders…where a bill is paid the same time every month.


Hi @Emma_Sousa - you can get to something close to this with a manual workaround. You could do something like this:

When you check this off as paid, it calculates the following due date using this formula:

IF({Paid?}, DATEADD({Next due date}, 1, 'month'))

Then on a monthly basis, you can do a “reset”, i.e. copy and paste the “following” date into the “next” date column and untick the checkbox, giving you this:

Of course, you don’t have to do this record by record - once you have some or all of your current bills paid, you can copy them all back to the next record.

A bit manual, but not terrible.

The new scripting block could do all of this manual stuff in one go with a single click


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